Food Recipes: How To Make Strawberry Without Baking, Delicious Dessert Easily

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Food Recipes: How To Make Strawberry Without Baking, Delicious Dessert Easily
Food Recipes: How To Make No-Bake Strawberry, Delicious Anti-Complicated Dessert/ Pinterest


Cooking is one of the activities that make the heart happy. Because cooking can eliminate bad thoughts and is certainly very entertaining. Lots of food ingredients can be processed into a very special menu, one of which is strawberry.

Strawberry is one of the fruits that is always used as food or drink. The food menu made from strawberry and easy to make is No-Bake Strawberry. This time we will make No-Bake Strawberry hassle-free.

Here Matajogja has summarized how to make No-Bake Strawberry, including:

1st layer material

- 10 tbsp margarine (melted)

- 40 grams of milk biscuits

Second layer material

- 800 ml of water

- 7 g agar powder

- 5 tablespoons sugar (adjust to taste)

- 10 tablespoons strawberry flavored milk powder

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3rd layer material

- 10 strawberries

How to make:

1. First layer ingredients: prepare a container, put the biscuits into the container, and crush until smooth texture. After the texture is smooth, add margarine and stir again until mixed

2. After all the ingredients are mixed, pour into a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper and flatten. After evenly, put the dough in the refrigerator

3. Second layer ingredients: prepare a saucepan, add agar powder, sugar, and water then turn on the stove over low heat. After that stir until mixed and then wait until it boils

4. Pour 3/4 of the agar into a bowl (the other half of the agar is used for the third layer)

5. Add the powdered strawberry milk into the 3/4 agar container and stir until all the ingredients are mixed. If all the ingredients have been mixed, pour it into the pan that was earlier as the second layer

6. Ingredients for the third layer: wash the strawberries thoroughly and then cut them according to taste. If the second layer of dough is solid, slowly pour the remaining gelatin into the pan.

7. After that, arrange the strawberries until all the dough is covered. Then pour the jelly back in

8. Finally, refrigerate the dough for about 2-3 hours

9. No-Bake Strawberry is ready to be enjoyed. (NL)

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